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About Us

Our Future

The group have aspirational plans to develop the size and scale of the marketing group and are on their way to achieve this as additional Growers have already joined us this year. This will not only deliver efficiencies to the supply chain but will also bring about regional competition. It is encouraging to see such support of Grower’s signing up with our young business as well as us achieving more market contracts.

Our Growers

If you grow potatoes we will sell them for you. If you take a pride and professionalism in the quality product to which you produce with attention to detail, you are the grower for us. We are looking for growers that can supply us at any stage in the year’s harvest, from field or storage, washed or unwashed; contract or free buy.

Our Factories

We have a variety of contacts growing a variety of potatoes and storage options with the aim to offer supply to large or small factories 365 days a year. We already have contracts in place with some of the big players in the potato industry be that for crisps, processing or bags and we are still a young business with an aim to become a respected player.

Our Products

We supply a range of different varieties to supply the broad spectrum potato industry, growing anything from Lady Rosetta, Accord, Piper, Markies, Taurus, Lady Terra, Brooke and Titan to name but a few.

Staff Appointments

New appointment 01.06.2020

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Lucy Jeyes as our Trainee Trader. Lucy is joining us in her placement year from doing Agri Business at Harper Adams. Lucy comes from a farming background (Dairy, beef and Sheep farm) in Warwickshire and this gives her a good grasp of the ethos of our company and is here to expand and increase on the services we have been providing.

Director Andrew Ollier with our new Trading Director Graham Cottee appointed 01.07.20

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We are pleased to announce the appointment of Graham Cottee as our Trading Director. Graham comes to us after several years working at AKP with over 30 years of experience in the potato industry; he was previously also with Morrison’s and Greenvale. We are very excited in what Graham can bring to our team and in progressing 3 Shires forward as an industry contender. We have had a good first year and hopefully with Graham on board we will cement that as a base upon which we can go from strength to strength.

We would also like to confirm office appointments of Charlotte Ollier and Liz McGrath. Charlotte and Liz will be manning our office between them every day of the week (Monday – Friday). If you need any matters answering, then these are the ladies to contact first and they will point you in the right direction! Predominately Charlotte will be dealing with accounts and Liz a contact point for Growers.

Andy Shaw, Chris Ford & Andrew Ollier (left to right).

Our History

3 Shires Marketing Ltd, established in 2018 is a collaboration between Andrew Ollier, Chris Ford and Andy Shaw; three Cheshire based Potato Farmers. The 3 Directors were looking for a diversification opportunity that would complement their shared business interest of Potatoes; provide a better margin for Growers while giving an opportunity for the smaller growers to have the same advantages; 3 Shires was thus formed.

The Farms involved are family owned, run by 2nd and 3rd generation young progressive farmers. Combined, the farmers grow 20,000 tons of potatoes annually, across 1,000 acres. Other enterprises owned by the farmers include cereals, poultry, livestock and dairy. 

The 3 Directors have a wealth of experience from dealing in the potato industry for over 20 years. They’ve made a range of contacts across the potato industry in that time and feel knowledgeable and well placed to meet any customers’ needs as a collective.

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